4 September 2016

EXCLUSIVE - Superstar 3900EU Press Release!

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Many thanks to Superstar UK who have forwarded a press release to feature on this blog:

"The Superstar 3900 EU has been designed and produced in conjunction with Ranger of Malaysia and is specifically designed for the EU/UK marketplace, locked to mid-block (26.965 a 27.405 Mhz) with 4W AM/FM and 12W SSB. Superstar 3900 EU is available throughout the EU and the UK.

Superstar 3900 EU does not have any gimmicks, just a rock solid PLL radio designed for the CB / HAM enthusiast. We continue with the classic design and chrome front meaning that the Superstar 3900 EU will be a familiar radio to most users.

Superstar 3900 EU is fitted with a Uniden® power socket, SO-239 antenna socket and Ranger® frequency counter socket as standard; and is supplied with rig bracket, thumb screws, power lead & microphone.
UK 27/81 channels can be added by way of an EPROM being fitted to the unit. If fitted by an approved service centre, will not invalidate your 12 month warranty. Approved service centres will be listed on the www.wearesuperstar.co.uk website in the coming days.

The Superstar 3900 EU can be expanded to cover multiple other frequency bands for amateur use or for export, and with a minor modification can do up to 12W AM/FM and 35W SSB.
Stock of the Superstar 3900 EU is due to arrive in the UK week commencing 5th September 2016. The Superstar 3900 EU will be available in the UK from many local CB & HAM radio retailers. A complete list of retailers will be listed on the www.wearesuperstar.co.uk website in the coming days.
Keep your eye on the Superstar UK Facebook Page and www.wearesuperstar.co.uk website for information and updates.


And the first 'Real World' photo....

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And a promotional photo showing the radio powered up...

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UPDATE: Full technical analysis of the radio CLICK HERE