18 September 2016

NEW President Lincoln 2+

So the revisions to President radios continue. Following on from several revisions of the poorly received Grant 2 and previous revisions of the disastrous Lincoln 2, President have now modified the Lincoln 2 once more and we have the Lincoln 2+

So what's different this time?

Not a great deal by the look of it, a few adjustments to the way the controls work to make them a little more responsive and the Channel 19/9 has been replaced with a EMG 1/2 button which does exactly the same thing!

The internals look almost exactly the same, so not much to see there.

    (Click to enlarge) - Images:Neuner and SimonTheWizard

One welcome change is an expanded frequency coverage. This new version covers from 24.800 to 29.700 giving access to the 12m band if you have the licence to use it. 

    (Click to enlarge)

Simon The Wizard has seen the radio and reports that the receive is improved on previous version(LINK). This is good news but I'm sure many people will be thinking "I've heard all that before" with the Grant 2, Grant 2 Premium, Grant 2 Premium Low Noise Version which all promised much improved receive but for many just simply failed to deliver. 

Most of the 'problems' with President radios recently could have been avoided if they had just taken the time to get the radios right first time round. Many of the complaints are quality control issues and are quite frankly unforgivable.

So having owned 2 x President Grant 2's (One of which broke, went back for a repair then back again for a refund), a President Lincoln 2 (Which had to go on its holidays to France to have multiple issues resolved) and a President Jackson 2 Chrome(Which went back for a refund due to the god awful SSB and wobbly controls), would I want to spend more money on yet another President radio???????

Simple answer - NO!

Anyway you can see this latest revision on the President website: LINK or take a look at Simon's Blog for more photos/videos: LINK