7 September 2016


Following on from recent online discussions about the Superstar 3900EU I have received a press release from Superstar UK regarding reported frequency instability on previous versions of the 3900 radio:

"Ranger are unaware of any frequency drift issue with any current Ranger built products, including the 3900 model. To quote Ranger directly "[There is] no drifting frequency problem for our product.". Superstar UK are satisfied that there is no known drifting issue in the current 3900, and the radio is ready for market. Superstar 3900 EU will be in stores from Monday"

So there you have it, Ranger/Superstar UK appear to be confident that their product is in good working order. The statement also appears to suggest that the board in this 'new' version is in fact the same as the current model. 

Now I have never owned a 3900 but have always liked the 'Cobra 148' look of the radio and would definitely consider buying one. Like many others I have also been put off by past reports of problems with the radio.

So given the assurances would you be willing to buy this radio?

Do you already own a RANGER built 3900 radio? Are you happy with it?

Please let me know.... 

The GOOD NEWS is that if you do fancy this radio it should be available from MONDAY 12th September.

Confirmed sellers are:

The CB Shack
UK 4x4 Centre
Sharman Multicom

Meanwhile you can get the latest on the Superstar 3900EU on Superstar UK's website: www.wearesuperstar.com 

UPDATE: Full technical analysis of the radio CLICK HERE