21 May 2017

Thinking About Buying a President Lincoln 2+ Then Watch This!


Not exactly a glowing report.....!

European CB Radio Bandplan

The ECBF (European Citizen's Band Confederation) has launched a consultation regarding the possibility of a harmonised European CB Radio Bandplan:

20 May 2017

Yaesu FT-891 Unboxing

Video:YouTube/Carl Gorse

Carl 2EOHBI is very well know as a dedicated portable operator and can often be heard on HF, VHF and UHF. In this video he shows us the unboxing of his new Yaesu FT-891.

15 May 2017

Coming Soon: TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Radio

Martin Lynch & Sons have started to take pre-orders for the new TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Handheld Radio.


Dual time slot for point to point 

Dual time slot for repeater 

Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology 

Compatible with Mototrbo Tier I and II 

Lone worker 

Encryption function 

Analogue & Digital combined 

Single call, group call and all call #

Remote kill/stun and activate 

Firmware upgradeable 

IP67 Ingress Resistant 

Price: £189.95

   (Click To Enlarge)

Website Link: CLICK HERE

4 May 2017

Blast From The Past: CB Radio Skip From 2011

A video found on an old backup hard drive showing the Northumberland Net lads doing a spot of DX-ing way back in May 2011. Features Stan 26AC08, Arthur 26AL01, Sid (Popeye) 26CT1066 and Glen 26GW344.

3 May 2017

CB Radio Skip 1st/3rd May 2017

The radio has slowly been stirring into life over the past week or so and it's great to hear the bands open once again.

Radio is the Albrecht AE5890EU and the antenna is a horizontal half wave wire dipole.

CB Radio - Southern Net 27/04/2017

Video:YouTube/CT2116 Tim

ISS: Upcoming School Contact

The next planned school contact with the International Space Station has been announced....

29 April 2017

FCC Legalises DX-Ing and Higher Powered FRS

The FCC in the US has announced rule changes affecting the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), the Family Radio Service (FRS), Citizens Band Radio, as well as other applications under the FCC’s Part 95 Personal Radio Services (PRS) rules and regulations. Part 95 devices typically are low-power units that do not require an individual user license from the FCC. 

27 April 2017

Money Off President Jackson 2 and Antennas @ Nevada

Nevada have slashed the price of the now discontinued President Jackson 2 Classic along with money off several President antennas.

The Jackson 2 Classic had been selling for £269.99 but now is available for only £199.95

International Space Station School Contact 27/04/2017

"A direct contact via F8KGY with students from Lycée Hélène Boucher, Thionville, France, Thu 2017-04-27  08:52:17 UTC 83 deg. with astronaut Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Not the best audio due to a very low elevation of the space station at my location and also some local electrical interference but still good to hear the ISS once again. 

24 April 2017

CB Radio - First Sporadic E Propagation Of The 2017 Season!

It's great to hear some DX action at long last. The bands have been totally dead here for months!

Let's hope that this years Sporadic E season is a good one!

Sunday DX and Metal Detecting!


A video showing how easy it is to mix radio with other hobbies, in the case a spot of metal detecting!

21 April 2017

ISS: Next School Contacts

The next International Space Station school contacts have been announced.....

19 April 2017

Getting started in CB radio - A beginners guide 2017


A very interesting and informative video from 'Fred In The Shed'!

14 April 2017

International Space Station School Contact 14/04/2017 (French)

"A direct contact via F6KCO with students from College Roger Martin Du Gard, Bellême, France Fri 2017-04-14 15:20:44 UTC 48 deg. The astronaut is Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Reminder: ISS School Contact Today (14/04/2017)

Just a quick reminder that an International Space Station contact with a FRENCH school is scheduled for 16:20 hours BST / 15:20 hours GMT today on 145.800Mhz.

The stations transmissions should be audible across western Europe.

Midweek DX Net 12/04/17


More FM Net action from 26CTX1837....

13 April 2017

Mid Week CB Radio Net


More action from one of the many UK CB radio nets, this time on FM!

9 April 2017

DIAMOND BB7V Multi Band Vertical Antenna

A couple of videos from Waters and Stanton looking at the Diamond BB7V Vertical Antenna for 2-30Mhz. Ideal for those of us with smaller gardens or for use when out away from home.


HF Vertical Antenna Type: Broadband - low SWR
Power Rating: 250 Watts.
Height: 22.00ft
Mount Type: Non-tilt bracket
Material: Aluminum
Connection Type: UHF female - SO-239


80 Meters
60 Meters
40 Meters
30 Meters
20 Meters
17 Meters
15 Meters
12 Meters
10 Meters

Price is £289.95


You could of course get similar results with a fishing pole, balun, and a length of wire so I guess you are paying for the convenience and ease of use that this antenna provides and although the specs say you don't need any radials I would suggest using some if possible to get the best out of the antenna.

7 April 2017

NEW: TYT TH-8600 'Out Soon'

The latest radio in an ever increasing lineup from TYT is the TH-8600 which is a full colour dual band mobile radio. Featuring 25 watts on VHF and 20 watts on UHF.

3 April 2017

Upcoming ISS Contact

"A direct contact via F6KCO with students from College Roger Martin Du Gard, Bellême, France is presently scheduled Fri 2017-04-14 15:20 UTC (16:20 BST) 48 deg. The scheduled astronaut is Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Listeners in western Europe should hear the Space Station transmissions on 145.800Mhz.

31 March 2017

30 March 2017

NEW: Tango Delta Weekly Net (UK)

Yet another UK weekly net to add to your diary. The new Tango Delta DX Group net will take place on Monday nights 19:30 - 21:00 hours (BST) on 27.395 USB starting on Monday 3rd April 2017. The net controller will be located at Greenhow Hill in North Yorkshire.

More information from the Tango Delta Facebook page: CLICK HERE

New Midland M Mini @ Thunderpole

Thunderpole have announced that they now have the new Midland M Mini in stock:

Main Features

  • 40CH AM/FM CB transceiver
  • Selectable frequency bands: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN;
  • Output power: 4W AM/FM
  • Manual or digital squelch
  • EMG button for the immediate selection of the emegency channels (9 or 19)
  • 2 PIN Midland socket for the connection of external accessories
  • Weight: 450gr
  • Dimensions: 110x25x120mm
Price: £73.90 with FREE delivery

Thunderpole Website: CLICK HERE

23 March 2017

Yaesu FT-70DR UK Price Revealed

So after yesterday's official announcement from Yaesu that their new FT-70DR/DE dual band digital handheld would retail for $200....

21 March 2017

New Yaesu FT-70DR Handheld

So Yaesu have officially announced a new handheld digital radio:

New Yaesu Radio?

An interesting post was spotted on Twitter from LAM Communications which appears to suggest that Yaesu have a new radio in the works....

ICOM IC-7610 Price Cock Up!

Whoops Missus!!!!

Looks like ICOM have cocked up with the price of their new IC-7610 radio....

20 March 2017

ICOM IC-7610 UK Price Revealed (UPDATED)

So Martin Lynch kick off with a price of £2999.99 for the new Icom IC-7610.

Lots of interest in this radio but will people be willing to shell out the cash????

UPDATE: Icom made a mistake with the pricing and forgot about the VAT!!!! New price is £3599.99 - OUCH!

Read more here: CLICK

Sunday DX: Harvard Good Buddy


More UK CB Radio action....




19 March 2017

Shortwave Radio Interference - Sky Q PLT?


So if you take a look at this video you will see that the problem is suspected to be from the new SKY Q set top box which apparently uses PLT even if it is connected via Wi-Fi.

Interference is the biggest threat to Ham Radio and CB Radio these days and it is shocking that so many electrical devices can cause horrendous and potentially dangerous interference to the radio spectrum.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has had a similar problem which they can attribute to SKY television equipment.

18 March 2017

PMR446 Channel Expansion (Kenwood)

Kenwood Communications have published information regarding the upcoming implementation of extra PMR446 channels. 

Baofeng Launch 3 New Radios

Baofeng TECH have announced 3 new mobile radios to add to their ever growing collection...

CB Radio: Portugal Goes Licence Free

News via the ECBF Portugal Facebook page last night is that as from 9th March 2017 CB radio no longer requires a licence in Portugal.

17 March 2017

TX Factor - Episode 15 (TXF015)

Video:YouTube/ TX Factor

"Bob gives a relaxed overview of the RS-BA1 remote control software for the Icom IC-7300. We meet two youngsters with a passion for amateur radio. And Mike and Bob head off to Bristol to spend a day with some very enthusiastic members of the British Amateur Television Club to learn all about digital amateur television"

Baofeng UV-5R Extreme Radio Test

Video:YouTube/Under The Big Oak

So the Baofeng UV-5R is cheap and cheerful YES?

After all you get what you pay for don't you YES?

So just how much punishment can this little radio take.......?

You might be surprised, but please don't try this at home!!!!


Video:YouTube/GoTechnique (French Language)

Unboxing and a quick look at the new CRT Millenium CB Radio.

16 March 2017

Space Station School Contact - School Side

Video:YouTube/Radio Dx Group of Thrace-SZ7TRC

This is a video from the school side of a recent ISS contact on 10/03/2017.

My video of the ISS audio as heard in North East England can be seen here:

14 March 2017

Goodbye Jaycee Electronics!

Sad news from Jaycee Electronics....

President George On A Bike!


In the mid 80's I was often to be seen bicycle mobile with a Cobra 148 GTL DX and a DV27 waving in the wind behind me,  but I think this is the first time I've ever seen a President George on a bike!

13 March 2017

PMR Radio: Retevis RT24 - PMR446 - First Look

Video:YouTube/Chris TheHulk

Interesting little radios these, sold as 'legal' PMR446 radios but only a little grub screw holds the 'fixed' antenna in place.... They are also able to do 2 watts and 400-470Mhz if required!!!!

  • 16 channel
  • 40CTCSS 168DCS
  • Scan function
  • Battery Save
  • 12.5KHz Bandwidth
  • VOX function
  • Busy channel lock
  • Scrambler
  • English/Chinese Voice
  • Low battery alarm
  • Time-out-Time(TOT)
  • Squelch adjustment function
  • PC program protection
Package includes:
  • 2 x RT24 two way radio
  • 2 x Battery
  • 2 x USB charger or 2 x EU charger
  • 2 x Belt Clip
  • 2 x Earpiece(gift)
Price around $36 per pair.

10 March 2017

Nevada - "Bargains" On The Way!

Nevada Radio have posted an update on their Facebook page which indicates that they will have some "Bargains" on offer soon in order to clear old stock for extra space in their warehouse.

So keep an eye on on the Nevada website or their Facebook page.

International Space Station School Contact 10/03/2017

"A direct contact via SV7APQ with students at the ​3rd Junior High School, Komotini, Greece on Fri 2017-03-10 08:20:46 UTC 28 deg. with Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, KE5HOD"

7 March 2017

New CRT Millenium

Another tiny little CB radio has popped up on the CRT France website. The CRT Millenium, which is sure to be a big hit with portable operators... 

    (Mic wiring)

4 Watts AM/FM
EU Multi Norms
Auto Squelch
Key Lock
Ch 9/19
Detachable Microphone
Blue backlit LCD screen
Price: 69 Euros


Lincoln 2+ Price Slashed By President USA

President Electronics USA have continued to reduce prices with a $100 reduction on their flagship radio the Lincoln 2+

The Lincoln 2+ now retails at just $249 (£204 - Same radio in the UK costs £269.95)

So only one of two things can be happening here, either the radios are selling like hot cakes and President are able to reduce prices due to reduced production costs.... OR sales are extremely poor and President are desperate to sell their radios which are just lying in boxes in warehouses around the world.... YOU DECIDE!

CB Radio Sunday DX 26/02/2017


More CB radio action from the UK with the intrepid operators battling the weather....

3 March 2017

Sirio Performer 2000 Trucker (3/8) @ Knights

Knights Electrocom in the UK now have the Sirio Performer 2000 Trucker in stock with a price of £49.95

The antenna, which is over 2m long, performs well but will be rather obvious on your mobile station!

Knights Website: LINK

President Slash Prices In The US

President have announced price reductions on CB radios for sale in the US:

    The Johnson II is now $149 (£121 - Equivalent UK Radio is £279!!!!!)

    The Johnny III is now $119 (£97 - Equivalent UK Radio is £139!!!!!)

And there are rumours of further reductions planned on other radios.... 

Why is this happening? Well it's not very often that a company reduces the prices of radios that are selling well.....!

1 March 2017

UK CB Radio on SSB - Highlights Feb 2017


Some more SSB action from the UK....

Baofeng UV-5R Teardown!

Video:YouTube/All About Circuits

This video delves inside the very popular and cheap handheld radio.

Original article can be found here: CLICK 

International Space Station School Contact 01/03/2017

International Space Station School Contact 01/03/2017

A direct contact with students at the Ecole Albert Camus, Rueil-Malmaison, France, College Marcel  Pagnol, Rueil-Malmaison, France, and Ecole “Robespierre B.”, Rueil-Malmaison Wed 2017-03-01 08:04:44 UTC 77 deg. with Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG.

27 February 2017

Modifying a PMR446 Radio Antenna

Video:YouTube/Roberts Shed

As most of you will know I have spent a lot of time mucking about with PMR446 radios over the years, indeed I remember buying my first pair of Goodman's Trackers back in 1999!!!!

PMR446 can be fun, trying to get the most out of the small amount of power and tiny antennas, and as my world record contact in 2003 into Holland from the North East of England shows (LINK) you really can get some amazing distances on standard equipment. However some people do like to mod their radios and one of the simplest mods is to attach an external dipole antenna. This is what you will see in this interesting video. 

One thing that puzzles me about this video... take a note of the frequency on the guys receiver when he is testing his PMR446 radio on CHANNEL 4.......?????????

If you would like more information on PMR446 see my archived website HERE which has lots of information about long distance contacts and mods to PMR446 radios. 

24 February 2017

South Coast & Southern Net - 23/02/2017


More action from one of the many UK CB Radio nets....

20 February 2017

CRT 2000 CB Radio TX & RX Adjustments

A couple of very interesting videos from YouTube/UK CB Radio Servicing showing the TX and RX adjustments in the CRT 2000 CB Radio...

17 February 2017

CB Radio: Southern Net - 16/02/2017

Video:YouTube/Tim H

A nice video from Tim H showing action from 'The Southern Net' in the UK....

SSB - Is My Radio Legal?

Since the introduction of legal AM/SSB CB Radio in the UK in 2014 a lot of people appear to be unsure of what is and what isn't a 'legal' radio. Radios no longer have a special mark on them to show that they are legal (Remember the old CB27/81 logo?). So, I've been taking a look at the relevant documentation to see if we can make things a little easier!

First of all we need to take a look at the new Interface Requirement (2027.2) which allows CB radio to operate without a licence in the UK. IR2027.2 lists the minimum requirements needed for legal AM/SSB CB radio operation in the UK:

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see the document lists the frequencies, transmission modes, power output and technical reference numbers for legal AM/SSB CB radio. There are many radios which will conform to the frequency and power output specifications but these radios will not automatically be legal as they MUST be able to conform to the technical specifications referred to in IR2027.2.

The technical specifications are ETSI EN 200 433-1, ETSI EN 300 433-2, ETSI TR 102 626 and ECC Decision (11)03 (Click on the relevant one for full documentation)

So how do I know if my radio conforms to these technical specifications?

Radio manufacturers must provide a certificate of conformity to be able to sell legal CB radios within the EU. Radio's come with the certificate, either a separate leaflet or as part of the instruction manual.

The certificate will look something like this one as provided with the President Grant 2:

(Click to enlarge)

Only radios which comply with the required technical specifications (European Standards) can be classed as legal for use. Any other radio will not be legal and you may be prosecuted for using such a radio.

List of known fully legal AM/SSB radios:

Albrecht AE5890EU - LINK

Albrecht AE7500 - LINK

Albrecht AE2990 (Handset) - LINK

Midland 8001XT - LINK (Discontinued - Mid Band ONLY in Legal Mode)

President Grant 2 - LINK

President Grant 2 PREMIUM - Same as Grant 2 with updated filtering/firmware.

President Jackson 2 (Black/Chrome) - LINK

SuperStar 3900EU - LINK (Mid Band ONLY in Legal Mode)

15 February 2017

TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR *UPDATE*

Certainly an interesting radio to look forward to and the latest information is that the TYT MD-2017 could be available from May 2017....

Price is still not known but if they can keep it below £150 there's a good chance that this radio will sell really well.

13 February 2017



I remember posting about the Baofeng DM-5R when it was first rumored to be coming out and being very sceptical that the radio would deliver all that was promised. As it turned out the radio is not a proper DMR radio and this video will explain why...!

M0DAD Homebrew Magnetic Loop Antenna


RFinder M1 Android DMR Smartphone Preview


12 February 2017

Sunday DX In The Snow!


New TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Handheld?

If the internet rumours are to be believed this radio is expected to be on sale soon, the new TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR handheld:


Dual band

Dual display

Dual standby

Complies with ETSI TS 102 360-1, -2, -3

Uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Compatible with MotoTRBO Tier 1 and II

GPS capable

Lone worker function

Encryption function

Analog and Digital Modes

Single Call, Group Call and All Call

Remote Kill/Stun/Activate

IP67 Waterproof

Firmware upgradeable

This could be the DMR handheld that people have been waiting for....!

Price - TBA

Playing Radio QYT 8900D / CRT One (VHF, UHF and CB)

Video:YouTube/Ringway Manchester

10 February 2017

Baofeng Exploding Batteries?

Following on from a previous post on the Blog about Baofeng chargers which were prone to overheating (LINK) I noticed this warning from Phillip Clark on Facebook:

"Safety warning!! BAOFENG

OK so I know some of you probably have some of these radios and some of you won't but I'll just warn you of my experience and you make up your own mind as to what you do with them lol.

I will start by saying that over the last 7-8 years I've used many of their radios and never had a problem. Value for money and performance is just great for what they are! So I bought two of the newer versions of the Baofeng UV-5R PLUS. 

Initially no issues when I bought them a few months ago, worked well and again awesome value for money.....

So late Wednesday evening I placed my radio as usual into its charging pod and nothing out of the ordinary happened. It indicated a red LED stating it was charging and when it turns green its charged and the charging process is cut off. I was then horrified when a massive explosion was heard and a literal 7 to 8 foot flame like a firework was shooting out from the radio!! I then smothered the lot instantly and threw the burning battery out of the window!

( Injuries were sustained from removing the battery from the floor and throwing it out the window)

This was the last concern on my mind because I know I needed to get it outside before it blows again. Sure enough about 5 mins of it sitting outside it blew up again only this time much more violently.

It's made a hell of a mess of my carpet, the radio and everything around it. From looking at it closer it appears that it was charging fine then the battery failed and literally blew off the back of the radio across the room where it landed on my carpet. You often hear about stuff like this on Facebook or TV etc. You never think it'll happen to you. Anyways I'm just giving you all the heads up and have messaged Baofeng directly to. JUST BE CAREFUL. This could of easily of been worse if I hadn't of reacted the way I did. Here are some pics of the type of radio it was and what's left!" - Phillip Clark on Facebook.

Photos of the radio:

    (Click To Enlarge)

Of course this is not a problem that is just associated with Baofeng, many other manufacturers have had problems with Lithium batteries even the giant tech company Samsung had well publicised problems with their smartphone batteries. The main thing is that you should not charge radios, phones and other items when you are not in sight of the charging process. You certainly should not charge anything while you are sleeping or out of the house.

4 February 2017

HF Pedestrian Mobile in the Hills


Some more hardcore portable action from David, M0DAD!

1 February 2017

Martin Lynch "Denial Of Service" attack!

Martin Lynch & Sons suffered a 'Denial of Service' attack over the weekend and many potential customers found it impossible to reach their website.

By way of an apology they are offering a £20 voucher to anyone who spends more than £250 until 28th February 2017.

All you have to do is make a purchase of over £250 (Before shipping costs are added) and enter code "MLS20" when asked.

Considering that it wasn't really their fault I think this is a good gesture.


Uniden Bearcat UBC-D3600XLT @ Nevada

Nevada now have the new Uniden Bearcat UBC-D3600XLT Analogue/Digital scanner in stock. Priced at £425 it boasts a whole heap of features:

Features, Functions & Specifications :-

Favorites Scan 
Allows you to organize your Systems into Favorites Lists. The scanner will scan multiple Favorites Lists and Full Database at the same time.

4 GB microSD card (provided - 1 GB up to 32 GB supported) 
For storing Favorites Lists, Profiles, all settings, Discovery sessions, recording sessions.

Location Based Scanning 
Connect to a GPS receiver (not included) for precise system selection and continuing reselection when you travel. The scanner can automatically Avoid and Unavoid Systems and Departments based on your current location as provided by an external GPS unit.

Range Control 
Lets you set how far out from your current location the scanner will search for channels in Favorites Lists. Location precision for departments and sites that allows you to define a location and range using rectangles instead just of a single circle.

Trunk Tracker V Operation 
Scans APCO 25 Phase 1 and Phase 2, DMR, Motorola, EDACS, EDACS ProVoice, and LTR trunked systems, as well as conventional analog and P25 digital channels.

Multi-Site Trunking 
Lets you program the scanner to share trunked system IDs across multiple sites without duplicating IDs.

Control Channel Only Scanning 
With Motorola trunking frequencies, you do not have to program voice channel frequencies.

Instant Replay 
Plays back up to 240 seconds (4 minutes) of the most recent transmissions.

Audio Recording 
Capture transmissions for later playback.

Custom Alerts
You can program your scanner to alert when you receive, a Channel or Unit ID, a Close Call hit, an ID is transmitted with an Emergency Alert, or a Tone-out hit. For each alert in the scanner, you can select from 9 different tone patterns, 15 volume settings, 7 colors, and 2 flash patterns.

Multicolor LED Alert 
The alert LED with 7 colours, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, or White, can be used with your Custom Alerts.

Trunking Discovery 
Monitors system traffic on a trunked radio system to find unknown IDs and automatically records audio from and logs new channels for later review and identification.

Conventional Discovery 
Searches a range of frequencies to find unknown frequencies and automatically records audio from and logs new channels for later review and identification.

Scan by Service Types 
Scan your channels by Service Type i.e. Fire, Police, Railroad, etc.

Search Speed 
80 step/sec. (typical) in Search mode (max) except for 5 kHz steps. 250 step/sec. (typical) in Search mode (max) ? (Turbo Search) for 5 kHz steps.

Multi-Level Display and Keypad light 
Makes the display and keypad easy to see in dim light with three light levels.

Temporary or Permanent Avoid 
For Systems/Sites/Departments/Channels.

System/Channel Number Tagging 
Number tags allow you to quickly navigate to a specific Favorites List, System, or Channel.

Start-up Configuration 
You can program each of your Favorites Lists with a Startup Key (0-9) so that when you power up the scanner and press the key number, just those Favorites Lists assigned to the key will be enabled for scan.

Close Call© RF Capture Technology 
Lets you set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions. Close Call Do-not-Disturb checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted.

Broadcast Screen
Allows the scanner to ignore hits in search and Close Call modes. You can also program up to 10 custom frequency ranges that the scanner will ignore.

Fire Tone-Out Standby/Tone Search 
Lets you set the scanner to alert you if a two-tone sequential page is transmitted. You can set up to 32 Tone-Outs. The scanner will also search and display unknown tones.

PC Programming 
Use the Sentinel software to manage your scanners Profiles, Favorites Lists, and firmware updates.

Analogue and Digital AGC 
Helps automatically balance the volume level between different radio systems.

Priority/Priority w/DND Scan 
Priority channels let you keep track of activity on your most important channels while monitoring other channels for transmissions.

Priority ID Scan 
Allows you to set priority to talkgroup IDs.

Intermediate Frequency Exchange 
Changes the IF used for a selected channel/frequency to help avoid image and other mixer-product interference on a frequency.

Individual Channel Volume Offset 
Allows you to adjust the volume offset for each channel.

Configurable Band Defaults 
Allows you to set the step (5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5,15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 kHz) and modulation (AM, FM, NFM, WFM, or FMB) for 31 different bands.

Adjustable Scan/Search Delay/Resume 
Set a delay up to 30 seconds or a forced resume up to 10 seconds for each channel or search.

Data Naming 
Allows you to name each Favorites List, System, Site, Department, Channel, ID, Location and Custom Search, using up to 64 characters.

Duplicate Input Alert 
Alerts you if you try to enter a duplicate name or frequency already stored in the scanner.

100 Quick Keys 
You can scan Favorites Lists, Systems, and Departments by assigning them to quick keys.

Search Avoids 
You can temporarily Avoid up to 250 frequencies and permanently 
Avoid up to 250 frequencies in any Search mode or Close Call mode.

10 Custom Searches 
Lets you program up to 10 custom search ranges.

Search with Scan Operation 
Lets you include Custom Search ranges during scan operation.

3 Search Keys 
You can assign 3 of the number keys to start a Custom Search, Tone-Out Search, or Close Call Search.

Quick Search 
Lets you enter a frequency and start searching.

Built-in Battery Charger 
Allows you to charge the batteries in the scanner.

Nevada Website: CLICK HERE

31 January 2017

Herts, Beds and Bucks Daily Net


Video:YouTube/Steve Stevens

Some action from the Herts, Beds and Bucks Daily Net which can be heard across the South of England on 27.305 USB Monday to Friday 16:00-17:00 hours.

You can see the location of all the main UK CB Radio Nets on this map: CLICK

28 January 2017

CB Radio - Thursday Night South Coast/Southern Net - 26/01/2017

Video:YouTube/Tim H

A cracking video of one of the many nets which have sprung up in the UK since SSB and AM were legalised in 2014....

Check out the CB Radio Network Map here: CLICK