9 September 2017

Accessing The 5Mhz (60m) Band On The Yaesu FT-991

A quick video to show you how to access the newly added 5Mhz (60m) band on the Yaesu FT-991 following the recent firmware update (Dated 06/09/2017).

The update files can be downloaded from the Yaesu website. Updates are available for the FT-891, FT-991, FT-991A, FTdx1200, FTdx3000 and the FTdx5000.

However, a suggestion to Yaesu....

While I'm sure we all welcome this update why was it done in such a mess of a way? 

Why does the 5Mhz band not have its own band button on the screen? 

Is it due to the screen being full?

The very least you could do is change the '14' button to display '14/5'

If it is because the screen is full why not give 5Mhz its own button and combine the AIR and MW bands on one button instead as shown in my mock-up below?