3 August 2017

New President JFK II A+ 10M Radio

New from President USA is the President JFK II A+ AM/FM 10M radio with a nice 50 watts output!

   (Hi-Res photo - Click to enlarge)

Instruction manual can be downloaded: HERE

As said it's being sold as a 10M radio but who knows there may we be a wire to cut or a resistor to add and hey presto 11M appears????? (The giveaway being the Roger Beep and the CH9/19 buttons!)

Things are pretty strict in the USA so we shall wait and see I guess!

Of course there's no SSB so can't see it being a big hit here in the UK but I'm sure it will go down a storm where AM and FM are the primary needs/wants for CB/Ham radio.

Price: Unknown but sure to be too much!

Link to President website: HERE

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