27 November 2017

President Ronald 10/12M Official 'Real World' Photos

President Electronics USA have published 'real world' photos of their new radio, the President Ronald 10/12m.

Covering the 10m and 12m amateur radio bands (with an option to cover 11m as well - note the echo function!), this radio boasts a power output of up to 50 watts but only has AM and FM modes. There is no SSB on this one so you have to wonder who this is aimed at! Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink!

Other features:

7 colour display
Dual Watch
EMG Ch 9/19

Cost: $139 - (It will be interesting to see what the UK price is if they release it over here. At today's Dollar/Pound exchange rate that would be £105 - Yeah right!!!!)

I'm not really expecting this radio to set many of you alight with joy but the radio does look nice and I'm sure it will perform very well. 

Anyway, here are the photos taken from the President Electronics Facebook page.... 

(Click To Enlarge)

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