28 February 2018

PMR446 Goes 16 Channel from 21st March 2018

Confirmation from OFCOM today is that the UK PMR446 allocation will be extended to 16 channels (Analogue) and up to 32 channels (Digital) from 21st March 2018.

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In previous years regulations regarding PMR446 were contained in a document named IR2009, but OFCOM have decided to clump all short range devices (Car key fobs, wireless door bells, baby monitors, PMR446 etc) into a new document named "The Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption and Amendment) (Amendment) Regulations 2018" which will come into force on 21st March 2018.

You can read the full OFCOM statement by clicking HERE

There has been a lot of confusion over this matter with nothing from OFCOM for over a year. I myself have emailed OFCOM many times for updates but nothing ever comes back. So it's good to know at long last that the UK PMR446 update to 16 channels have finally come through!

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