2 October 2016

President Lincoln II+ On Air Tests


Dave takes a look at the new President Lincoln 2+ on 10m... To my ears the Lincoln 2+ still has a raspy sound on SSB. Not awful but not quite right. The first version of this radio had the same sound but it was much, much, worse. 

The Lincoln 2 has chequered history and has required several versions:

V1 - The original radio which was plagued with problems including poor SSB receive, dodgy channel change and a mad bouncy s-meter!

V2 - Version 1 owners were offered the chance to send their radios to President to sort out the worst of the problems. When the radio came back it was known as the V2.

V3 - The next production run which incorporated the fixes which were previously provided to V1 owners along with a few more improvements. 

V4 - The latest version which is known as the Lincoln 2+

V5 - Coming soon????????