4 October 2016

President Lincoln 2+ EXPORT MOD

What we know so far.....

Simon The Wizard gave us a first glimpse of the internals of the radio in EXPORT mode and his photos show an oversized resistor which is located where the white export wire was on the previous versions. This resistor looks like it has been added after production of the radio.

Meanwhile Dave M0OGY shows us a video of his radio in legal HAM MODE (10m+12m) and the resistor is missing from his radio.

Simon then posts a photo of him using the programming software....

...which clearly shows "TEST MODE 24.7150 - 30.1050"

So what do these clues mean? 

Well I don't have a Lincoln 2+ so I can't try anything out but I'm sure anyone with the radio could figure it out....

(By the way, you don't actually need the programming software to do the export mod!)


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M0OGY YouTube Channel - CLICK HERE