5 October 2016

OFCOM's New Website

OFCOM have launched their new updated website...

"We’ve spent several months designing the site in close consultation with our visitors.

We carried out several surveys, carried out in-depth interviews with regular visitors to the site and we ran online tests to work out how people want to use it.

Visitors to our old website told us that the search wasn’t up to scratch and that the site was too busy. It was hard to see the wood for the trees, and frustrating trying to get around.

People also told us that they’re coming to Ofcom with a clear task in mind – to take part in a consultation, to find some research, to check their mobile coverage or to make a complaint. We took all this on board, and have made significant changes.

Our aim is to make the site as user-friendly as possible by:
* creating a new look and structure that should make key tasks easier to perform;
* improving the search engine; and
* making big changes to the way our research and consultations are presented"

Take a look: CLICK HERE