1 August 2019

NEW - Charlie Bravo DX Group Net

News from Michael about yet another new PMR and CB Radio Net taking place here in the UK:

Evening folks,

Just a little announcement, this Friday evening 2nd August we are launching a brand new net.

Please come and join us on the first (of hopefully many) Charlie Bravo DX Group net from 20:00-22:30.

We will kick things off on PMR from 20:00-20:30 on Channel 8 (446.09375 MHz) and then from 20:30-22:30 we shall be kicking off the SSB net on 27.375 MHz (Channel 37 Mids/Cept USB).

This will be a (hopefully) regular twice-monthly net which will be held on the first and third Friday of every month.

So if you're free on Friday night and fancy calling in we will be on high ground on the Sussex Downs awaiting your call!

Hope to catch you on the air


26-CB-01 / CT-1074.

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