24 July 2018

NEW - President McKinley EU

So the long awaited and much rumoured President McKinley EU has officially been announced by President.

Just as we all thought that President had forgotten how to make SSB radios this little beauty comes along... 

First talked about on the blog in December 2016 (LINK) many thought this day would never come. 

The USA version of this radio has had some pretty good reviews since it's launch so fingers crossed that the EU version is of the same quality/performance and I cant see any reason why there wouldn't be an export mode in this one!


40 channels AM / FM / LSB / USB + All EU Multi Norms

Manual squelch and ASC


Frequency display

Vox function


RF Gain / Mic Gain

RF Power

7 Colour Display


Roger Beep

Dual watch

SWR/PWR Reading

TOT (Time out timer)

And here's the original 'leaked' image featured on the blog way back in 2016......

So the wait is on, President normally announce radios well in advance of the actual release date so don't be surprised if we are waiting several months before we see this radio in the shops!

Price????? - Well in the US you can buy one for around $199-$239 (The lower price seen on Amazon.com) which equates to £152-£182 at current exchange rates....

....so what do you reckon? 

Knowing President I'd say this one's going to be more like £250 - £270 when it's released in the UK!!!!! (possibly higher when you look at the current price of the Grant 2)

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