25 January 2018

PMR446 Goes 16 Channel In The UK - UPDATE

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So after waiting 3 weeks without any response from OFCOM regarding the legal situation in the UK in respect of the expanded PMR446 allocation I took at look at the CEPT document database website and after a bit of poking around I found this....

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This chart appears to show which countries have adopted the latest changes to various frequency allocations. Note that the UK (Marked as 'G') has adopted the changes to PMR446.

Furthermore there is a list of countries who have restrictions to the various bands:

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The UK does not appear to have any restrictions outside of the latest changes to PMR446.

Therefore I would conclude that the new allocation of 16 analogue and up to 32 digital channels is indeed legal here in the UK.......

Unless someone from OFCOM would care to get in touch and correct me?