6 January 2018

PMR 446 Goes 16 Channel In The UK?

It was 'Breaking News' way back in July 2015 (Link) that the PMR446 analogue and digital allocations would double in size once all the required red tape had been sorted out. 

In the UK we were later greeted by a draft document from OFCOM which stated that the changes were expected to come into force in 'January 2018'.

However since then no further word from OFCOM so are we to assume the the changes have indeed come into effect and we now have 16 analogue and up to 32 digital channels on the band?

I have emailed OFCOM to see if I can find out........

In the meantime I haven't seen any new 16 channel radios in the shops here in the UK... Have you noticed any? If so let me know and I'll feature them here on the blog.