9 August 2016

Is My CB Radio Off Frequency?

Video:YouTube/Ringway Manchester

Take a look at this video, does the Midland 78 Plus have a problem?

My thoughts are that the Midland is working fine and the problem is actually with the male trasmitting station who is probably overdriving the audio on his radio or maybe is using an older CB or some HAM radio equipment set on 'WIDE FM'. The female station sounds fine.

Modern 'legal' CB radios have very tightly controlled specifications and the receive on these radios is very narrow. Anyone using older CB radios or incorrectly set HAM radios would sound distorted as shown on the video. If someone is using a HAM radio they should of course have it set to NARROW FM, wide FM just splatters over several channels and sounds awful.

But what are your thoughts? Please add comments to the discusion on YouTube!