28 August 2016

CB Radio: German Duplex Repeater

I've often heard a duplex repeater on channel 40 on the mid band (27.405) and wondered where it was located. With thanks to Reiner who spoke to me on-air via some amazing propagation, I find that this repeater is located 805m above sea level near Ochsenwang (QTH locator JN46RN) in Southern Germany.

Currently the repeater is using a fully legal Midland Alan 48 radio with 4 watts output. The transmitting antenna is a Sirio 827 with the receiving antenna being a Sirio Super 12.

Being a duplex repeater you need to transmit on an input frequency and listen on the output frequency. 

The input frequency is 26.565Mhz with the output being on 27.405Mhz. Please note that the input frequency is not legal in the UK and many other parts of the world but is legal in Germany being on their channel 41.

So why not take a listen when the conditions are right?

If you do decide to use the repeater please make sure you operate in a responsible manner and remember that this repeater was set up to improve local comms in a mountainous area and priority should always be given to local stations. 

The repeater group also has a Facebook page which you can see here: LINK (Closed group, you will have to ask for permission to join)