4 January 2022

UPDATE - President George II CB Radio COMING SOON?


It would appear that President have released further details of their new multimode CB radio, The President George II.

BREAKING NEWS: PRICE SEEN ON ONE WEBSITE AS €310 which currently equates to £259 - This price is to be confirmed.

Translation into English:


40 Channels AM / FM / LSB / USB

European Channels

Rotary channel selector 

Volume adjustment On / Off

RF Power Micro Gain - RF Gain

Manual squelch and ASC


PA (Public Address)

Vox function (hands-free)

Commutation Mode AM/FM/LSB/USB

Switchable keyboard beep - Roger Beep Switchable keyboard beep - Roger Beep

Echo Dual Watch Scan - 4 Memories 2 programmable priority channels

Function key F-SPAN - Function

Electret / Dynamic microphone compatible

Scan-Double Listen

Talkback F-SPAN function key - Talkback function

SWR adjustment using beep tones

Filter ANL/NB/ Hi-Cut / Noise Gate / NRC 

Front microphone plug

External speaker jack

External micro Vox jack 

Dimensions / Dimensions (in mm): 52 (H / A) x 170 (L) x 150 (P)

Weight 1 kg

Accessories included: Power cable with fuse 1 Up / Down microphone and its support

Now we just need to wait for price and availability........


  1. According to President Ibérica, it will come out, but later this year, due to lack of components... 😢