27 June 2021

CB Radio Anniversary Events TODAY!


There should be plenty of activity on the CB today as the stations throughout the UK celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB.

Activity will be centred on:

Channel 14 (27.125) - AM Calling

Channel 27 (27.275) - USB Calling

(Please remember to QSY if those channels are busy in your area)

The Clyde Valley guys will be operating all day, covering Southern Scotland, Northern England and beyond.

The Kent stations will be active on 27.055 (Channel 8 Mid Band) AM with a LIVE STREAM available on their YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE

Regular Sunday Nets will also be on the air from The Delta Romeo DX Group, Sid's Sunday DX and The South East Sunday Net.

So why not get on the air, see if you can get some great contacts and help to celebrate CB Radio in the UK!

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