2 May 2019

Morcambe Bay CB Users

Another new UK CB Radio group has appeared on Facebook, The Morcambe Bay CB Users. This is what they have to say about themselves...

"A group set up to promote the sensible and bucket mouth free use of CB radio around the Morecambe Bay area. As many will know we are now lucky to have the 40 UK only FM channels allocated back in 1981 and since 2014 we can use SSB and AM on the CEPT or mid band frequencies. CB is going through a rebirth throughout the country and this is spreading rapidly. The intention is that we monitor channel 19 UK FM and 27 CEPT USB"

So great to see yet another group and one who actively encourages good operating practices and the use of the UK's SSB calling channel on 27.275 USB.

You can visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE

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