11 March 2019

President McKinley 'Real' Photos and Animation

So it looks like the arrival of the new President McKinley EU is imminent as President Electronics have released 'Real' photos of the new radio and we also have an exclusive animation showing all the display colours you can choose from.

Price is yet to be confirmed but it's expected to be in the range £250-£300.

It's been a long wait (The radio was first talked about on the blog back in 2016), and it remains  to be seen if people are still interested in buying this radio after such a long time. Propagation is at it's lowest point, we are at the bottom of the solar cycle and there is very little activity on the bands. There could not be a worse time to launch an SSB radio. 

My feeling is that if President make a bold move and sell this radio for under £200 it will sell really well but the expected price range is a little too steep for most to warrant spending on a new CB radio. 
Anyway, the wait is almost over. In the meantime here are some full resolution images (As always - Click to enlarge)

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