25 October 2018

NEW President Ted - ANOTHER AM/FM Only Radio!

Adding to the ever growing long line of AM/FM only radios, President have announced the President TED ASC.

- 40 channels AM / FM
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- S-meter
- ANL filter
- Vox function (Hands free)
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch AM / FM
- Preset emergency (EMG 1&2)
- Key locking
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack

So only one more month of President's Anniversary year bonanza to go (!) and people are wondering if they have kept something/anything interesting until last? We can only hope as 11 months into the year we've had TEN AM/FM radios and only ONE SSB radio announced and most of the radios are still not available in the shops!

A year that promised so much but so far has delivered so little...…..

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