20 September 2018

'CB Talk' App Privacy Concerns UPDATE

Midland have responded to my concerns regarding privacy with the new CB Talk app which demands access to your contact list, location and phone number before it will run, with an email from Marco...


The contact information are required only to allow you to see who of your friends in your contact list have the same App installed (exactly like What’s Up) and in the future maybe will allow you to create private group.

Anyway I can tell you that in the next version we will allow the use of the App also WITHOUT requiring access. 

We are also changing view of the GPS position, in the future it will not be possible to see the exact position of the person in the map (the zoom level will be limited to some kilometre, so it will not be possible to see the exact position). This is to give better privacy.

All this changes will be active on version 1.01 or 1.02 depending on the time we need to implement.



This a great news as many people appear to share my concerns regarding privacy. Not having actually gone as far as running the app on my phone I was unaware that the current version of the app can give a very exact location of users on a map (Whoops!)

So simply using this app could give away your precise location.... NOT GOOD - Imagine the possible implications for children using this app!!!! What is good is that they are also going to change this so that the app does not give exact locations and will only offer approximate locations in future.

So I may well give this app a go once the issues I have raised are dealt with!

(Thanks once again to Marco for the information) 

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