30 June 2018

YAWN! - Another AM/FM Radio From President - Truman II

Hardly worth a mention to be honest... It's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day when it comes to President and their 'amazing 12 months of super duper radio stuff' with YET ANOTHER AM/FM ONLY radio being announced for July!

It's the President Truman II, with specifications that you could copy and paste from many of the other radios President have announced so far this year.

40 channels AM / FM - (Multi-EU)

Manual squelch and ASC

Seven Display Colours

Public Address


Key beep

Roger beep

SWR readout

Emergency (EMG 1 & 2)

Key lock

Let's recap:

So far this year....

JAN - President Ronald - AM/FM
FEB - President Bill - AM/FM
MAR - President Richard - AM/FM
APR - President Jimmy III - AM/FM
MAY - President Walker II - AM/FM
JUN - President Taylor IV - AM/FM
JUL - President Truman II - AM/FM

It's almost 'How many times can we get away with releasing the same radio in a different case?'

I truly applaud Presidents commitment to the hobby but come on, give us something that really is new and exciting with features people actually want!!!!!

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