18 March 2017

CB Radio: Portugal Goes Licence Free

News via the ECBF Portugal Facebook page last night is that as from 9th March 2017 CB radio no longer requires a licence in Portugal.

Good news is that operators no longer have to pay for a licence but just as in the UK some years ago, withdrawal of the licence means that the CB band is no longer protected against interference from other operators and electrical devices such as Powerline Adaptors. 

Original text:

"Elimination of the requirement of registration of the users of the stations of the CB Anacom (https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1406183) Approved, on 9 March 2017, the exemption of Licence CB Stations, as well as the update of the national framework of frequency allocation (Qnaf) accordingly. The adopted decision defined the harmonised technical requirements to which the functioning of the stations of the service staff - radio citizen band (CB) must obey. So, as from 11 March 2017, the seasons of cb are exempt from licence, in accordance with and under the provisions of article n. 9, n. TH 1 (b) the general scheme of the radio communications, approved by decree-law no. 151-a / 2000, 20 July, at the office currently in vigor1. see anacom environment - elimination of the requirement of registration of the users of the seasons of CB Anacom is the regulatory authority in Portugal communications and postal ... Anacom"

Link to ECBF Portugal Facebook Page: CLICK HERE