27 February 2017

Modifying a PMR446 Radio Antenna

Video:YouTube/Roberts Shed

As most of you will know I have spent a lot of time mucking about with PMR446 radios over the years, indeed I remember buying my first pair of Goodman's Trackers back in 1999!!!!

PMR446 can be fun, trying to get the most out of the small amount of power and tiny antennas, and as my world record contact in 2003 into Holland from the North East of England shows (LINK) you really can get some amazing distances on standard equipment. However some people do like to mod their radios and one of the simplest mods is to attach an external dipole antenna. This is what you will see in this interesting video. 

One thing that puzzles me about this video... take a note of the frequency on the guys receiver when he is testing his PMR446 radio on CHANNEL 4.......?????????

If you would like more information on PMR446 see my archived website HERE which has lots of information about long distance contacts and mods to PMR446 radios. 

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