28 July 2016

Sad News.....

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a North East radio legend, Stan -The 'Bottlestopper' - A handle he gained whilst working in the pub trade over many years.

Stan could often be heard blasting out across the North East of England and beyond on channel 38 'The Northumberland Net' from his home and from his mobile station. Stan was also a licenced radio amateur (Callsign 2E0RVY) and spoke to many stations around the world.

Seen in the photograph above (middle) with two of his radio friends, Bob and Norman, what he lacked in height he more than made up for with passion and enthusiasm for the radio hobby he loved so much.

Stan was a good personal friend and I know that he will be sorely missed. 

Channel 38 will never be the same again…..