9 February 2016

HEX (Hill-toppers and Extreme) Ground Wave DX NET

05/03/2016 - 27.405 USB

"Once again the chance to head for high ground and ping some signals around the Country, this is a contact / DX Net for those wishing to log as many +100 mile contacts ( as seen on the placement card ) as possible in a controlled environment .

It's all about the receive and power is not the issue , if you can't hear them_ you can't work them !
Hoping for better weather and Tropo conditions than in December and although I think we all had a great time with some cracking results it only ever reached around 25% of its potential in my opinion . 

QRM from Europe may be a problem and the Net(s) may have move to different channels at times around the mid-block on USB. 

I will be calling out from the Mendip Hills Somerset , at around 6pm on the 5/3/2016 and hope to make contact and be able to pass around as many as possible.

73 & Good DX
Kevin 26CT1685"

Source - Discussion thread on the Charlie Tango Forum: LINK