2 December 2015

New PMR446 - Midland GB1

The 'world's first mobile in-car PMR446 radio' apparently!

Midland GB1 Features at a glance

  • Microprocessor‐controlled frequency
  • 8 channels PMR446 FM
  • 'Flip' function: the radio can be mounted with the speaker facing up or down; the display can read in either orientation
  • Adjustable squelch on 9 levels
  • SCAN function
  • LCD display
  • Integrated magnetic antenna
  • TOT (Time out timer)*
  • Side tone: noise blanker at end of transmission
  • Monitor function
  • Busy channel (BCLO‐Busy Channel Lockout)*
  • Broad/narrow band selection 25KHz/12.5KHz (only export version)*
  • High/low power (only export version)

UK Price Around £169.99

Website link: CLICK HERE

My thoughts - A nice looking radio which certainly makes PMR446 more useful when out mobile. Almost giving users a true UHF CB System, something I've long been asking for. The radio can be modded for extra channels/power if required.

However, this should have come out 15 years ago. Anyone who wanted a UHF CB system is already using 'other equipment' and let's be honest, who in their right mind would spend £169.99 on this radio when for less than £20 they can get a Baofeng UV5R which gives more power, more channels and many more features????

Don't get me wrong, this is a step in the right direction towards UHF CB but way too late and way too expensive in my opinion.