7 January 2015

Powerline Adapters/BPL:
Has OFCOM Finally Grown A Pair?

OFCOM have started a consultation titled:

The Wireless Telegraphy (Control of Interference from Apparatus) Regulations 2015"

And it appears to suggest for the first time that powerline adapters may fall under regulation in respect of interference to radio users.

This could be very good news for radio users in the UK. For years CB and HAM operators have complained about the terrible interference caused by powerline devices but until now OFCOM have basically ignored them stating that these devices do not fall under the scope of current legislation and at some times have more or less refused to acknowledge that a problem even exists. 

However this time their consultation specifically mentions Powerline devices in relation to interference problems.

The OFCOM consultation documents can be seen HERE

I urge you to read it and respond by completed the form on this page: HERE 

The 'popular press' are reporting that people with powerline equipment could be prosecuted if they cause intereference to radio users (CLICK HERE). 

Personally I feel that that is not the way to go. The simple and fairest solution is to remove the devices from sale. OUTLAW THEM - By their very nature and design they cause wideband interference across the radio spectrum and they should never have been allowed to be sold in the first place.  

Anyone who is currently using these devices should replace them with wireless technology or hard wired connections if they are found to be causing a problem.

Of course this legislation doesn't only apply to powerline equipment it will also cover LED lighting, power supplies, plasma TV's etc and this can only be a good thing.

So fingers crossed that at long last something may be done to help the radio users of this world!