12 October 2014

No VHF CB Band? - 'Hang On' a Minute!

Following OFCOM's decision not to allow a VHF CB System here in the UK I have been contacted by several people claiming that there is already a VHF CB type system allocated in the UK!

Intrigued? I certainly was!

It would appear that for many years OFCOM(Formerly the Radio Authority) have allowed, or at least turned a blind eye to to the use of the VHF spectrum by paragliders. Although primarily used for safety the frequencies are used as a sort of CB band by the paragliding community. 

The frequencies that are being used are as follows:

It would be very interesting to know how widespread the use of these frequencies actually is. There are several paragliding forums which do mention the use of these frequencies, so I'm guessing that they are regularly used around the UK.

If anyone has any further information or has actually used these frequencies please get in touch.  

(Article for information only: Delboy's Radio Blog does not encourage or condone the illegal use of the radio spectrum!)