26 February 2014

The ECBF Has A Voice From The UK!

Posted by M0OGY on the Charlie Tango Forum:

It gives me great pleasure to let everyone know that the United Kingdom now has a a Member of the European Citizen's Band Federation (ECBF) 

Around a week ago , it was confirmed that after a meeting and vote, my application to join this Federation was a granted.

To gain Membership I had to be part of an organisation, so with their backing and as one of the four founder Members and current Chairman of The Brigg and District ARC , the club became involved.
Whilst our club is an Amateur Radio club, it does promote use of CB Radio and 446 amongst it's membership and is very dedicated to the CB Radio hobby through my passion.

Basically each country has one person/group to work on behalf of the Federation.

Many European countries have a body to represent then, sadly in typical UK style we didn't 
Many years ago groups such as the Citizen's Band Association (CBA) run by the great James Bryant were key people in the legalisation of UK CB Radio.

In recent years i've been a bit of a "One Man Band" holding three informal meetings with Ofcom about the possible legalisation of AM and SSB, which may of helped in the cause.

The ECBF were formed back in 1976 to become an active voice within Europe.

They have being a key factor in the new AM/SSB modes coming to the European Union. 
I first looked into joining back in 2010 and decided now was the time to press ahead and try and move to help promote the hobby within our country.

We are a very small market compared to othe countries within the EU, but even so, I felt the lack of a voice here was a bad thing IMO.

Most people on here know my dedication towards the CB Radio hobby (and indeed Amateur Radio too).

Mainly through my M0OGY Youtube channel and my reviews on there and also CB Radio based reviews and stories in Radio User magazine.

I am also on the management team of a very well respected 11 meter group.

If any CT Member wishes to post this great bit of news on their own websites you have my blessing.

ECBF European Website http://www.ecbf.eu/

Any ideas, thoughts or questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Dave Ogg,
United Kingdom ECBF Member.